The creator of the AI sudoku puzzles, Arto Inkala, is enthusiastic puzzle and problem solver. He made his doctoral thesis in the applied mathematics in 2001 and works with the mathematic simulation models of water systems. "The mathematic background has been great help when creating the most difficult sudokus by genetic algorithms, different optimizing methods and artificial intelligence. Still solving puzzles doesn't need so much math", Inkala comments.

When developing AI Sudoku generator, Linux and other free software were a great help for Inkala.

"Maybe I hadn't even started the develop of the program if large and useful set of developing tools hadn't been available", Inkala says. Inkala is the vice president of Finnish Linux User Group. There are plenty of great sudoku programs in the freeware. Good ones are, for example, gnome-sudoku and ksudoku. Sudoku Explainer is excellent.