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AI Sudoku top10

The work contains ten most difficult puzzles created by AI sudoku generator, many of these puzzles will be also in the top10 of world's most difficult. Only very talented sudoku hobbyist and best sudoku programs can solve all these puzzles by logic only. It usually takes hours by guessing also, depending on the lucky of guess.

Available from the download page.

AI Sudoku - World's most difficult sudoku

The book contains the world's most difficult sudoku AI escargot and hints how to solve it. There are also description of the universal solving technique AIroot.

There are plenty of sudokus from different levels, so the book is excellent choice to test your ability to solver puzzles by logic.

(in Finnish only - for publishing rights, please contact Mr. Pekka Karvonen

AI Sudoku 1002 difficult puzzles

The book contains 1002 difficult puzzles. None of the puzzles can be solved by the basic techniques only. Exceptionally great number of puzzles combined to the high difficulty level and cheap price per puzzle, makes this book attractive to the friends of challenging puzzles.

Book is available from book stories and at least following web book stories:, BookPlus, Suomalainen kirjakauppa